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Of all the freshwater fish that have developed a reputation for living in deep water, catfish have to be the most famous. From the early days of cat fishing, cat-fishermen have been fishing for these fish by throwing to the depths of the body of water. Since this way of cat fishing has been going on for so many years, most people has taken the thought that most catfish inhabit in deeper areas of the lake. But what if I claimed that these fish only relax in deep water but they feed in shallower water. While reading, report will give details this pattern and give an grounds to why this occurs.

Nearly all catfish are considered deep water fish by most fishermen. Let me be fair, the expression deep water is relative to the area. Catfish like to lie in the most upright gradient of an locale. Creek channels and Drop offs are the places that are typically used as vertical resting locations. Each of the deep parts of the lake are created by these areas. This is because all of these structures begin at some shallower area and fall into deeper water which is really the structure itself. Most catfish rest on the slope of these vertical slopes while they aren’t aggressive. During this time, these fish are tough to catch. Mainly relaxing.

when it becomes time to eat, they will have to move to find something to eat. Deep water is not where bait fish typically live so the catfish must travel to locate the prey. The shallower areas of the lake is typically superior for searching for lunch. This places are flats, points, and good cover near to that drop off that the catfish were taking a breather at.

Why do catfish choose to feed in these sections of the lakes? As stated earlier, that’s where the feast are staying. In the water, the food chain commence in the thinnest water. The basic level of the food chain is algae which grows when light penetrates the water’s surface. The algae is consumed by little minnows which are eaten by bream, crappie and smaller fish. These smaller fish are eaten by catfish. Just as you might of noticed. The food chain moves from shallow to deeper water. The most diminutive bait fish inhabit the shallowest while the largest fish inhabit the deepest. This may imply that the drum might be anyplace from 3 to 20 feet deep so you may have to look for catfish in that range.

So what steps do you need to know in order to decided what depth to expect to find for catfish at? The Depth that light travels through the water and the depth that bait fish are displayed on the depth finder. If you can see 2 feet deep into your lake, then more than likely you will find catfish around 9 feet deep. Give or take a couple feet both ways. When you get to 3 times the light penetrations, there is no visible light, which gives catfish a feeding advantage. In low light situations, catfish can see better than their prey. Catfish will hang around its food supply. This means that if you can find bait fish on your depth finder then you can find good catfish.

In these shallow areas, catfish can easily feed but how does this happen? Catfish will move from their resting areas on to shallower areas. They will quickly more to the best cover that they can find. The cover acts as concealment against being spotted by prey. At this point, the catfish becomes an easy target. The catfish will quickly feed on an easy target to all we have to do it get a bait there. The basic strategy is to find great cover in shallower water by deep water. All you have to do is find the cover and put a bait by it. You can catch a lot of catfish in a short about of time by getting your bait near the cover they are using.This brings us to the end of the article. Its time to go fishing.